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It was a beautiful, cold and windy day at Jess & Paul’s artsy Philadelphia wedding. Their adorable first look took place in the elevator lobby, on the 8th floor of the stylish Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia where the bride and groom were staying. He might get mad at me, but I have to say it was so sweet to see Paul– a tall, muscular guy with a big burly beard– become a little emotional when he stepped off the elevator and saw Jess standing in front of him in her gorgeous wedding gown. It really was the perfect moment.

We planned to take the majority of our family and bridal party formals on the steps of the Second Bank of the United States, then make a stop at Washington Square Park, and finally, take some candid, gritty images of the bride and groom on the city streets around their venue… but we ended up finishing formals even before our allotted time on our permit started because it was just too cold outside. So with plenty of time to spare, we photographed around the hotel, and ended with some additional images in and outside their venue, Front & Palmer, where the ceremony and reception were held. The venue was an artistically embellished industrial building, with the perfect mix of texture, light, artsy decor, and elegance. The rest of their night was filled with memorable toasts, sentimental parent dances, and lots of singing, dancing, and fun. The evening finished with a surprise for their guests– a performance by their friend and singer, Rich Baker— the perfect way to end a beautiful day.

I always create a timeline to make sure we arrive at our destinations as close to the designated times as possible, but in the end you never know what’s going to happen come the actual day. That’s the true beauty of a wedding. For Jess & Paul, nothing with pictures seemed to go according to what we had planned. And although we were a bit limited by the weather and needing permits for certain places, this challenge made the images we took even more spontaneous and fun. And what DID happen was the exciting, authentic, REAL STORY of their perfect day. Jess, your amazing, infectious smile, and Paul, your laid-back attitude, (and awesome beard) made everything that happened this day truly beautiful and memorable. Thank you so much for trusting me with your memories. I hope this was just the first of so many of the “happiest days of your lives” <3.


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Diana and Sean got married on a crisp November day, the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. It was such a vibrantly sunny day, with a little chill, but each part of the wedding festivities were more than memorable. We started with the girls getting ready at Breakwaters at the Dunes, in a beautiful suite with lots of natural light, and then went on to an emotional first look in Townsends Inlet. There was a little driver confusion that almost resulted in the first look happening on the trolley…but the bridesmaids made sure the guys made it to their designated location :). After formals we made our way to the Yacht Club of Sea Isle City for family formals, a bayside sunset ceremony, and endless dancing and celebration. There were so many exciting and emotional moments throughout the entire day, but the one thing that continues to replay in my mind is what Sean said to Diana while we were taking sunset pictures on the dock after the ceremony. Diana made a comment about looking around at all the people watching them as they were standing up front saying their vows, and Sean turned to her and said he didn’t remember… because as soon as he saw her walk out, he couldn’t keep his eyes off her <3.



Venue: Yacht Club of Sea Isle City

Hotel: Breakwaters at the Dunes

Dress: Pronovias from Dress 2 Impress

Rings: Custom designed by Désideria Collection

Florals: Primrose and Company

Hair: Courtney Casale

Makeup: Rianon Kowalewski

Cake: Mark Bernacki

Videography: Across the Bay Films

Band: LauraLea & Tripp Fabulous

DJ: Ted Locke

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This year I decided to make my resolutions a list of lifestyle goals that I could strive towards throughout the year, but for certain ones if I was only able to do it once (ie travel to a new state) then I’d be happy with accomplishing it that time. I was inspired to do it this way by Megan Gielow of MorningWild Photography, an absolutely AMAZING photographer and someone whose work I look up to in countless ways. I loved how she organized her own resolutions in the past and decided to try it myself for this year, hoping this would encourage me to truly stick to them. These are in no particular order, and I know it seems like a lot of resolutions, but I’d like to make more of a lifestyle change in some ways, and this is my plan for a start.


1. Health

Physically- Go to gym 3-5 times/week. Run a marathon or at least another half marathon. Cut out unnecessary food (excess sugar, bread, alcohol). Drink more water. Get the dogs out to run at least 3-4 times/week. Find a new workout routine to try.

Mentally- Be more positive and less judgmental/sarcastic (even if I’m just joking). No phone in bed—read a book instead (goal is 1 a month before summer and at least two after). End the workday at a specific time, don’t spend all my free time working.

Emotionally- Take a breath before responding to things. Remember, everything will get done. Stay on top of important routines. Do not let thoughts about the past or what others do cloud my thinking—keep my goals as a priority. Remember, I can’t change other people, what they’ve done, or what they will do, so live my life and cut out all unnecessary negativity; put my energy towards being my very best in all aspects of life.


2. Family

Spend more time with my family. Have dinner once a week with Mom and Dad. Go to lunch once a week at Mommom’s. Cuddle and play with dogs more. Plan a fun night with friends at least 1-2 times/month.


3. Business

Take classes and be more active in expanding business opportunities. Reach out to other photographers to learn. Participate in more wedding expos. Participate in more craft shows. Plan each workweek out to maximize time. Get website, blog, Instagram, and Facebook up to date. Post once a day (or at least once every two days). Organize hard drives and get rid of clutter/duplicates/unneeded things. Make time to read photo blogs and books.


4. Personal/Creative

Do at least one photo shoot/project a month (even if it’s part of a larger project). Get out and shoot more. Edit trips I’ve been on and photos I have. Learn Italian. Organize my apartment.


5. Travel

Go on at least one fun trip this year that is completely un-work related and to somewhere I have never been. Go on a photo-related trip and focus on documenting and story telling. Go to at least one new state.


6. Waste Less

Time- Do things now, don’t put them off. Finish one task before starting another. Don’t break in the middle of something—finish and then take a break.

Food- Meal plan to save food and money. Buy only what I know I will use that week.


7. Give Back

Volunteer dog walk once a week. Set up plan for session to a family in need. *Working on this a bit more but these were two things I wanted to do at the end of last year that I did not get the chance to start/get together.

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