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One of the coolest things about my job is that every once in a while I get to photograph the wedding of an old friend I grew up with…and never did I ever think I would be doing that for them when we were younger. Usually when I have a wedding I don’t sleep the night before because to me, my job is recording all the memories of a couple’s special day…and as funny as it may sound, thinking about it too much can seem scary at times. I’ll spend the night  having dreams about photo ideas, while waking up and going over what I want to do. But the next day I’m always excited and I use that bit of nervous excitement as adrenaline to power through the day.

For this wedding of one of my oldest friends–Becky, who I grew up down the street from, the night before was much like this. I was SO excited to be the one who was photographing her day and capturing her memories that it was VERY hard to sleep, lol. But I managed a bit and had an amazing time documenting this memorable occasion for her and her wonderful husband Antonio. The funny thing was it wasn’t until after we were outside, just the bride and I, doing some night shots..I looked back after we had finished at this picture……..

…..and realized, OMG.. Becky is MARRIED! Funny how things hit you all of the sudden when you’ve been working with someone all day, haha. It totally made me emotional and I was so happy for her and Antonio, and so happy that I was the one who was able to be there taking part in this exciting time in both their lives!! But I just wanted to say congratulations to this beautiful, amazing couple. Your love was (and is) so apparent and seeing the two of you so happy made the day so very special for everyone. I wish you both the best in everything and…as the groom’s father mentioned in his speech…hope there will be some more photo opps very soon!! 😉 Love you!!





The Ring Bearer was nooooot too happy about his job…but he was so cute! And had some great dance moves at the reception, haha!!









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  • Rachel Galia - Becky I love you and I love how absolutely beautiful you are I am so happy to see you settled and married and were like neighbors all over again!!! Doesn’t get much better!!! Your day was perfect and I’m so happy I was there to celebrate with you!!! Now just don’t get pregnant until I have this baby so we can actually have a drink together 🙂 and Katie you have to buy a house in south Dennis and keep our tradition going 😉 beautiful work!! Love you both <3ReplyCancel

  • Kate Rushton - These sneaks are fantastic. I love them all so much; elegant and sassy and beautiful. Love the umbrella and ocean background pics. Hand photo cool, too. Great job.ReplyCancel

I had such a wonderful time photographing Lauren and Kevin’s Wedding Day. It’s not every day you get to photograph a friend from high school’s wedding, but it’s always so amazing to get to see how everyone has grown since then, and know that I get to capture the memories for such a special day 🙂 Congratulations to this beautiful couple! You had a beautiful wedding day filled with so much fun and laughter, and I was so happy to get to share in a part of it with you.








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  • Rachel - Lauren you are stunning!!!! And katie you are so amazingly good at what you do!!! Love you both!!!!ReplyCancel